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SharePoint 2010 Business Application Blueprints Now Available

My book, SharePoint 2010 Business Application Blueprints has been officially released and is now available both in print and as an electronic download.


What you will learn from this book

You will see how to build the following SharePoint projects:

  • An Effective Intranet Site for your organization that maximizes the site’s ability to aggregate content and is highly effective at communicating important messages
  • A Workflow Out of Office Solution that allows users to manage their out of office dates and automate task assignments to a delegated resource
  • A Company Forms Site with the definition of form content types and organizing the forms into a usable interface 
  • An Engaging Community Site including custom features that can be used to enhance collaboration and provide an information sharing system
  • A Site Request and Provisioning System to help governance and compliance activities
  • A Project Site Template to support project initiatives and track Issues, Tasks, and Contacts
  • A Project Management Main Site that can aggregate the key metrics and status information from the project management sites previously created
  • A Task Rollup solution that can aggregate tasks from the specified sites
  • A dynamic Site Directory solution that leverages Search



The hands-on example solutions in this book are based on fictitious business development briefs, and they illustrate practical ways of using SharePoint in various business scenarios.

A chapter is dedicated to each example SharePoint solution covering step-by-step instructions for building the SharePoint solutions, aided by the extensive use of screenshots.


While it is late to the party for this product cycle, I think there are some great examples that will serve developers for years to come. 

Update on the Book Project

Over the past year I’ve spend a pretty significant amount of time working on a project for Packt Publishing to deliver a SharePoint book focused on creating business solutions.  The project has been pretty daunting with 10 chapters and about 300 pages since I do have a day job and significant community involvement, but it is nearly done.

The full body of work which represents my effort is now available for pre-order with additional information found here:  SharePoint 2010 Business Application Blueprints.  The book is scheduled to ship in July, so I’m excited to see it make its way through the final production steps.

PactPub has also decided to publish the content in a roll-up book Compendium: The Best of Packt for Extending SharePoint which was published in January 2012 and is currently available for purchase.  It contains two of my chapters along with chapters from some of the other SharePoint 2010 related books published by PacktPub.  The two chapters I contributed include:

Chapter 1: Understanding SharePoint Development Choices
Chapter 2: Building an Engaging Community Site
I encourage everyone to check it out.

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