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SharePoint Resources and Knowledge Management

Lack of “proper” training is a common end user complaint in many SharePoint environments. Hopefully training plans have been developed, but in addition to formal training I have also focused on providing online resources for task and audience based training.

Going through this exercise can also provide a great introduction to Knowledge Management concepts that can be applied to other aspects of your business and processes. SharePoint includes many core features that are very well suited for Knowledge Management and that can be easily configured to match your requirements.

Microsoft has many good resources available on their Office Online website. I’ll frequently identify specific content that is especially helpful and provide links to that content.

A good place to start is to include the following content:
• SharePoint Contacts
• Video Tutorials
• Task Based Instructions
• Training and Event Calendar
• Helpful Links
• Frequently Asked Questions
• General Discussions

When identifying content, try adding custom properties to help organize it based on the Audience (User, Power User, Site Owner, Developer, Administrator) and maybe some categories (Documents, Lists, Wikis, Blogs, Security, etc).

Identifying the content is a good start, but in the second phase look for ways to deliver that content targeted to the specific audiences or categories. For example if you provide a filter web part with the list of Audiences you can connect the filter to each of the list views. It is also a good idea to try and keep the content fresh. Add additional information as needs arise and try and get involvement from the user base.

I would like to thank Laura Rogers a.k.a. @WonderLaura for inspiring this post after a brief tweet this week about updating a SharePoint Resources site in her org. The mere mention of this topic opened the creative floodgates.

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