SharePoint Designer 2010 Available Workflow Actions

A colleague of mine was asking for a comprehensive list of available workflow actions in SharePoint Designer 2010.  I did some searches and couldn’t find the details so I thought I would provide them here.

Core Actions
  • Add a Comment 
  • Add Time to Date 
  • Do Calculation 
  • Log to History List 
  • Pause for Duration 
  • Pause until Date 
  • Send an Email 
  • Set Time Portion of Date/Time Field
  • Set Workflow Status 
  • Set Workflow Variable 
  • Stop Workflow
Document Set Actions
  • Capture a version of the Document Set 
  • Send Document Set to Repository 
  • Set Content Approval Status for the Document Set 
  • Start Document Set Approval Process
List Actions
  • Check In Item 
  • Check Out Item 
  • Copy List Item 
  • Create List Item 
  • Declare Record 
  • Delete Item 
  • Discard Check Out Item 
  • Set Content Approval Status
  • Set Field in Current Item 
  • Undeclare Record 
  • Update List Item 
  • Wait for Field Change in Current Item
Relational Actions
  • Lookup Manager of a User
Task Actions
  • Assign a Form to a Group 
  • Assign a To-do Item 
  • Collect Data from a User 
  • Start Approval Process 
  • Start Custom Task Process 
  • Start Feedback Process
Utility Actions
  • Extract Substring from End of String 
  • Extract Substring from Index of String 
  • Extract Substring from Start of String 
  • Extract Substring of String from Index with Length 
  • Find Interval Between Dates

I was disappointed to report that there is still no out of the box action for calling a Web Service or action to bring back other attributes of the User’s Profile.  Custom or Third-Party actions will still have to be used to support this.

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