Configuring SharePoint 2010s Social Aggregation Jobs

SharePoint 2010 includes a number of useful features to enhance Social Collaboration by aggregating and surfacing social data.  By default, these jobs may be disabled or at the very least not set to update frequently enough.  Like all Timer Jobs in SharePoint 2010, these jobs can be configured to meet your needs.

You can find the jobs by navigating to Central Administration, selecting the Monitoring option, and then clicking the Review job definitions link under Timer Jobs.

Monitoring -> Timer Jobs Timer Jobs” src=”″ />

Two of the important jobs that should be immediately tweaked are the User Profiles – Activity Feed Job and the User Profiles – Social Rating Synchronization Job.

Configure Timer Job

The User Profiles – Activity Feed Job is disabled by default.  It should be activated and a good schedule set.  The schedule should be set based on how much activity you have, but chances are this is not going to negatively impact your farm so I prefer to have this updated very frequently.  For demo servers I’m setting this to 10 minutes.  In production servers, I will set it to 30 minutes. 

For the User Profiles – Social Rating Synchronization Job, an hourly schedule should suffice most environments.  During coordinated feedback campaigns though it may be necessary to decrease the scheduled wait times.

Configure Timer Job


Setting the schedule for these jobs will provide social communities more timely content and social interactions further driving user engagement and overall collaboration.

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2 Replies to “Configuring SharePoint 2010s Social Aggregation Jobs”

  1. scenario:
    User Profile is proxied through another farm.
    MySite is not deployed
    Rating feature is enabled
    users do have the ability to participate in social activities
    Ratings are enabled in a list
    A ratings column is added to the list
    Ratings are not being saved.
    Each job is set to run every 5 minutes.
    User Profile Service Application – Social Data Maintenance Job
    User Profile Service Application – Social Rating Synchronization Job

    Does MySite have to be enabled in order to use ratings?

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