SharePoint Saturday Anniversary

This weekend is the one year anniversary of SharePoint Saturday which kicked off in Virginia Beach, VA last January.  I’m not sure what Michael Lotter and the other originators were thinking when they put it together, but surely it has surpassed their wildest imaginations.  There were at my count, 27 events last year.  That is amazing given that this was a new idea and is a volunteer based, community driven activity.  None of the organizers or speakers are paid and yet great content is delivered to the interested participants around the globe.

2010 is shaping up to be another great year for SharePoint Saturday.  The new year’s schedule is already filling up quickly and surely it will surpass the number of events hosted in 2009.  Here is the current event schedule:





If you have not attended one yet, I highly recommend it.  Stay tuned and support your local SharePoint community!

I would like to close with a Thank You to all of the organizers, speakers, volunteers, attendees, and sponsors that have made SharePoint Saturday possible.

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  1. A huge thank you from me to Michael Lotter and the guys who started SharePoint saturday as well! We couldn't have made the Australian events a success without him and I'm looking forward to organising more of them this year!

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