PowerShell and SharePoint

I come from a development background but the past few years I have been at lot more time on system administration with applications like SharePoint. While there are some good command line tools, I am not a great command line scripter. Getting proper code flow when writing batch files leaves a lot to desired when you have the developer’s mindset. Until recently the only alternative was to write .net code which seems like overkill for most operations. I think PowerShell really fits this gap well, providing access to managed code APIs and assemblies while also offering the nimbleness of scripting and interactive sessions.

The past month or two I have been working on scripts that can do everything from creating a new web application to deploying solutions and content types. These scripts can make deployment a whole lot easier and more effective.

After I get a chance to fully test my scripts I’ll be sure to post them here or on CodePlex. If you have not yet dived in, now is a good time.

CodePlex PowerShell Resources
The PowerShell Guy
Windows PowerShell Blog
SharePoine Dev Wiki – Scripting

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