Mobile Devices in the Enterprise

In my talks with end users about application features and solution they are interested in, I often hear people mention mobile device access. Two years ago the request surprised me because the mobile devices made browsing cumbersome and offered limited features. In the time since both the devices, and the software running them, have advanced quite a bit to the point where there is a solid offering.

Many of companies are lagging behind though and are not yet offering services to those devices. Even in many blackberry environments there is little application usage outside of email. In those same environments there is soften little or no access for any other devices.

Now that some of the top tier devices are supporting Wi-Fi it would be great if organizations would extend secure access to the wireless devices over Wi-Fi without the need for VPN software. As technologies continue to develop, connectivity is going to become that much more important.

Does your organization support mobile devices? If so I would like to hear your feedback on how well users embrace it and any other lessons learned. You can leave a comment or connect with me on Twitter @next_connect.

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